If you guys thought I quit, well… I semi-quit. I wanted to update but I totally didn’t have the time. But now that school is over, now I can update this blog way more! So… let’s recap on what has happened since the PPA (Penguin Play Awards).

  1. April Fools Day Party! Kinda boring like last years.
  2. New game called Puffle Rescue!!
  3. The first CP Earth Day Party! Scavenger Hunt for party! New path to Mine Shack from Forest too!
  4. Medieval Party! New Knight’s Quest was released!
  5. PSA released the eleventh and final mission. With that the PSA exploded with popcorn and we now can be EPF Agents!
  6. Weekly Field-Ops for EPF Agents!
  7. New Video Game! Herbert’s Revenge came out!!
  8. New Island Adventure Party! Featured pirates! New scavenger hunt! New path to underground Hidden Lake!
  9. New Music Jam that’s going on right now! New party room called Casa Fiesta! Cadence came with new background!!
  10. New Treasure Books came out now – Series 8 and 9!!

So… from now on, this blog will be more updated! Enjoy!!


Srry about that I wasn’t able to post early. So… the Penguin Play Awards came out, Puffle Rescue came out, the Underwater came back, and the new Puffle Furniture catalog came out. So much to put in this post. Well… Enjoy!

The Penguin Play Awards

There are three free items for the Awards. The Video Camera and the Penguin Play Award Trophy are only for members. It’s located in the Backstage (also for members only). Also, at the Dock, there is a free Press Hat that anyone can get. Now for the decorations… There were a couple of new decorations like the new decorations at the Dock or the Ski Hill. Last, the catalog for the Awards have three hidden items.

1. The first hidden item is to get the Penguin Awards Background. Click the Penguin Play Award Trophy.

2. The second hidden item is to get the Lobster Costume. Click on the top of the “d” in Underwater.

3. The third hidden item is to get the Squidzoid Costume. Click on “vs” in the title of the play.

Last, I have heard that Cadence and Aunt Arctic has shown up. I don’t know about Gary, Penguin Band, or Sensei.

This post will be updated later…

Srry for posting late. Very busy watching “2012” today. The movie is so epic! So… here are the cheats! 😀

1. The first page has two cheats. The Top Hat and Dazzling Blue Top Hat. Click the stack of cups and the first water bottle.

2. The second cheat is to get the Dazzling Blue Top Hat. Click on the video camera.

Then, Rockhopper is here too!!!! He brought some sweet items with him as usual! 🙂

Enjoy! 😀 😀 😀 😀

Well… Series 7 is out. Luckily, I managed to pick up a Series 7 toy at my local Target store. I’ll be going back some day to pick up probably a Squidzoid and Bunny plush! 😀

So… There are 4 cheats in the book. Here they are!

1. The first cheat is to get the Cocoa Bunny Outfit. Click on the Pot of Gold.

2. The second cheat is to get the Referee Outfit. Click on the lights.

3. The third cheat is to the Secret Agent Uniform. Click on the tree at the bottom.

4. The fourth cheat is to get the Bee Costume. Click on the black hole below the Fairy (so called Faery) Costume.

Just to tell you, I unlocked the Black MP3000 and the Surf Sweater. 😀 Lucky me!!!!!!!

For some reason or the other… my pin tracker isn’t working. It hasn’t updated yet so… the new pin is at the Ski Lodge. The Wagon Pin is here probably because of the Orange Puffle. Enjoy…! 🙂

The Snow and Sports Catalog came out today and there are two hidden cheats.

1. The first cheat is to get the Green Ball Cap and Green Baseball Uniform. Click the penguin in the background.

2. The second cheat is to get the Red Ball Cap. Click on the Pitcher’s Mound.

Well… The time has come for the Orange Puffle. You can finally adopt it from the Pet Shop. Enjoy!!! 😀